Naartjie and Vanilla Cupcakes

The sweet and tart citrus blend of Naartjie and Vanilla is a fresh flavour bomb! Try it out today.

You can do it

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1 ½ cups sugar
1 cup Stork Baking Margarine
4 eggs
3-4 teaspoons ground dried naartjie zest
2 ½ cups flour
2 ¼ tsp baking powder
scrapings of one to two vanilla pods/1 tsp vanilla powder
1 cup milk
½ cup of castor sugar
1 teaspoon ground dried naartjie zest

Light Cream Frosting:
2 cups Icing Sugar
250g Stork Baking Margarine
5ml Vanilla Essence

Candied Citrus Pieces
Canned Citrus Fruits

Step by step method

  1. Preheat fan-forced oven to 160 degrees Celsius. If using a conventional oven, preheat to 180 degrees Celsius. Line muffin trays with paper cases.
  2. Cake:

  3. Beat sugar and Stork Bake until light and creamy.
  4. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition.
  5. Combine the naartjie zest, sifted flour, baking powder and vanilla powder.
  6. Add these dry ingredients along with the milk, a little at a time to the egg mixture, until all is well combined. Pour into the paper cases.
  7. Combine the castor sugar with naartjie zest and sprinkle a little over each cupcake.
  8. Bake for about ten minutes or until done.
  9. Makes about 24 cupcakes (can also be baked as a loaf cake).
  10. Frosting:

  11. Add 2 cups of icing sugar combined with 250g of Stork Bake.
  12. Add 5ml Vanilla essence. Add more as desired.
  13. Decorate:

  14. Top with crushed candied citrus if desired.
  15. An alternative presentation if serving immediately; top with a canned mandarin segment.
  16. Process 1

  17. Process 2

  18. Process 3