Feel a taste of the country with these 5 recipes for a spring get-together


Spring has finally sprung, and what better time than the present to whip out those baking trays and cooking ingredients to make a delicious baked treat or mouth-watering meal using stork margarine and five of our taste-of-the-country recipes?

Preparing for a spring get-together with family and friends in the warm sun, surrounded by nature and good food, is the stuff the beginning of a new season is made of. With these five Stork recipes, you can be sure that you will be well prepared for a long-overdue get-together.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party!” – Robin Williams.

And on that cheerful note, here are five taste of the country recipes to prepare for a truly unforgettable spring get-together or picnic!

Five Stork Taste Of The Country Recipes

  1. Springtime is a season filled with beautiful colours, cheerful laughter, warm days, and friends gathering together to soak it all in. The Multi-Coloured Cake Pops recipe by Stork captures the season perfectly, with an array of bright colours dripping in decadent sweetness. They are made from ingredients such as white chocolate, dark chocolate, grated coconut, chopped assorted nuts and stork baking margarine, to name a few.
  2. How about the delicious Chicken Liver Pâté recipe? This is for you if you’re looking for a decadently rich pâté that is tasty on cracker biscuits or freshly baked bread. A delicious addition to the assorted platter on a spring day and made from ingredients such as chicken livers, garlic cloves, salt and nutmeg, and stork baking margarine, to name a few.
  3. Scones are most certainly welcome anywhere, anytime. Storks Take On Rawdons Famous Scones is no different and is an excellent addition to a deliciously packed springtime basket. They are made from castor sugar, baking powder, fresh milk, and stork baking margarine, to name a few simple ingredients. Enjoy with a dollop of jam or Stork margarine
  4. Have a fantastic spring get-together and commemorate the season with none other than the Blueberry Muffins recipe by Stork. Blueberries are known to bloom in spring and lend to the enchantment of the season. Made from blueberries, skimmed milk, and stork baking margarine, a few of the quick and easy ingredients.
  5. Nothing is complicated as reminiscent of spring and the taste of the country as the Farm Style Apple Pie recipe. They are made from chopped apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, and stork baking margarine, to name a few of the delicious condiments.

Enjoying your spring with family and friends will be all the more special with our five taste-of-the-country recipes.

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