Go On An Adventure With These Stork Country-Inspired Recipes


With spring gracing our doorsteps, turning the trees green, and painting flowers in the most beautiful colours, it’s no wonder we are all in some wanderlust, craving adventures of countryside reminiscent foods and lazy afternoons in the sun.

Thankfully, Stork has some delicious country-inspired recipes to kickstart your adventure right in the comfort of your kitchen.

Food has long been one of the causes of delight for many of us, while the great outdoors of the sunny countryside follows at a close second. With Stork’s country-inspired recipes, you can have an impromptu country-inspired adventure right at home!

Here are a few of our recipes that will take you on an adventurous journey.

Taste-Adventure Country-Inspired Recipes By Stork

  • ●     The Buttermilk Rusks recipe by Stork is oh-so-reminiscently, country-inspiring and delicious. These rusks include buttermilk, sugar, self-raising flour, and Stork baking margarine, to name a few.
  • ●       What good is a taste adventure without Stork’s Take On Rawdons Famous Scones recipe? These delicious scones use cake four, vanilla essence, castor sugar, and Stork baking margarine. They are delicious with a dollop of jam, cream, or Stork Country Spread Margarine!
  • ●       What better way to ward off the springtime sun while keeping those sweet-tooth cravings at bay than with the delicious Chilled Lemon Cheesecake recipe by Stork? This sweet treat uses tasty ingredients such as plain sweet biscuits, cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, and melted Stork baking margarine.
  • ●       Add a bit of a savoury twist to your country-inspired adventure with the Cheese Scones recipe, baked to perfection and dripping in golden cheese, baby! This delicious treat uses essentialistic ingredients such as milk, grated cheddar cheese, self-raising flour, and Stork margarine.

Going on a country-inspired taste adventure with these recipes will be tasty, quick, easy and enjoyable!