Gingernut Biscuits

Need a recipe for scrumtious biscuits? Try this quick gingernut biscuits recipe today and rate Stork’s recipes here. Stork – love to bake.

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Main Ingredients Group

250g Stork Baking Margarine
2 eggs
250ml golden syrup
500ml brown sugar
750ml cake flour
30ml ground ginger
10ml bicarbonate of soda
5ml salt
75ml milk

Step by step method

  1. Melt the Stork Bake and stir in the golden syrup. Allow to cool.
  2. Beat in the eggs one at a time.
  3. Sift together the dry ingredients and stir into the golden syrup mixture alternately with the milk. Allow the dough to chill in the refrigerator until firm enough to shape.
  4. Roll out and cut into shapes, or shape into small balls and press with a fork. Place 7cm apart on a greased baking sheet.
  5. Bake in a moderately hot oven at 190°C for approximately 10 minutes.