5 back-to-work lunch ideas


With the start of a brand new year and festivities behind us, the time has come to return to the grind. Thankfully, we’ve put together five delicious back-to-work lunch ideas to keep you feeling like you’re still in the countryside.

Making lunch doesn’t have to be tedious with bland ingredients and no imagination. Instead, it should be a celebratory occasion that marks the beginning of a new and successful year.

Here are five back-to-work lunch ideas to kick off your new year and make your lunchtimes more memorable with a country twist.

Five Delicious Back-To-Work Lunch Ideas

  1. This Banana Muffin recipe is a quick, sweet, easy and delicious back-to-work lunch idea. The muffins are made from delicious ingredients like brown sugar, oats, large eggs, flour, desiccated coconut, and Stork Baking Margarine.
  2. Surprise your colleagues with Stork’s Take on Rawdon’s Famous Scones recipe, and try one of the best scone recipes in South Africa for a delicious lunchtime back-to-work snack. These delectable scones are made from condiments like castor sugar, vanilla essence, baking soda, fresh milk and Stork Baking Margarine, to name a few.
  3. Who doesn’t love themselves and Amagwinya for lunch when back in the office? This Mielie Bread Vetkoek recipe is served with grated cheese and apricot jam. It is made from cake flour, sweetcorn and Stork Baking Margarine.
  4. The Rustic Tomato and Feta Tart recipe is a perfect back-to-work lunchtime idea and is delicious as it is quick to prepare. This tart is made from flavourful ingredients like cream cheese, tomatoes, feta cheese, basil leaves, salt and pepper, and Stork Baking Margarine.
  5. We’re ending this list with a 2-for-1 deal. This Pizza recipe can serve as dinner the night before and lunch the next day at your desk! Now that’s 2023 planning going well! This delicious recipe is made from staple ingredients like wheat flour, sugar, salt and milk, while the toppings can be left to your creative genius!

And these, folks, are Stork’s five back-to-work lunch ideas. For more deliciously quick and easy recipes that will give you a #TasteOfTheCountry, follow us on social media!