Brownie Cake with Raspberries

Need a delicious brownie cake with raspberries recipe? Try this delicious recipe for a yummy baked treat today. Stork – Love to Bake.

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For the brownie base

200g dark chocolate
50g cake flour
20g ground almonds
3 eggs
130g white sugar
130g Stork Baking Margarine (softened)

For the filling

150ml full-fat cream
150g fresh raspberries
Some icing sugar (optional)

For the ganache

200g dark chocolate
100ml full fat cream
40g Stork Baking Margarine

Step by step method

  1. Take a glass mixing bowl and a deep pot or pan to fit the bowl on top of.
  2. Weigh the chocolate and break it in pieces into the bowl. Also weigh the Stork Bake, cut it into cubes and add it to the pieces of chocolate.
  3. Put some hot water in the pot or pan and warm on a low heat on the stovetop. Put the glass bowl with the chocolate and the Stork Bake on top of the pot in the water to make a bain marie.
  4. Let the chocolate and Stork Bake melt and stir from time to time.
  5. Crack the eggs into a second mixing bowl. Weigh the sugar and add to the eggs. Whisk the mixture with an egg whisk.
  6. Add the melted chocolate and Stork Bake mixture to the eggs with the sugar and whisk with the egg whisk.
  7. Weigh the flour and ground almonds. Add both to the chocolate mixture and stir to an even consistency.
  8. Pre-heat the oven to 170°C.
  9. Grease the bottom of the baking tin with Stork Bake and cover the bottom and sides of the tin with baking paper. The Stork Bake will make the baking paper stick.
  10. Put the brownie batter into the cake pan and smooth out the surface. Tap the filled cake pan a few times against your worktop to get any air pockets inside the batter to the surface.
  11. Bake the batter for 20 minutes in the pre-heated oven.
  12. Let the cake cool down completely.
  13. Only make the whipped cream and ganache when the brownie base has cooled down.
  14. Pour the full fat cream into a mixing bowl and whip until firm, using an egg whisk or a hand-held mixer (Add icing sugar to taste)
  15. Carefully take the brownie base out of the pan and remove the baking paper. Use a serrated knife to cut horizontally through the base to get two identical slices.
  16. Put a cake rack on top of a flat platter or plate. Put the top half of the brownie base on the rack first. That way, the top half will become the bottom of your cake and you can hide the not-so-perfect top of your brownie base.
  17. Spoon a good layer of whipped cream onto the brownie slice. Make sure that you don'€™t spill too much whipped cream on the outer edges.
  18. Keep 3 nice-looking raspberries aside for later and put the rest of the fresh raspberries on top of the cream. Press them carefully into the cream a little. Then spoon some more whipped cream on top of the raspberries.Â
  19. Put the second slice of the base on top of the raspberry and cream filling and gently press down.
  20. Then prepare the ganache. This creamy mixture will cover the cake with a shiny layer of chocolate.
  21. Pour the cream into a small pan and warm on a low heat. Break the chocolate in pieces and let it melt into the hot cream while stirring regularly. Don'€™t let the mixture boil.
  22. Add a cube of Stork Bake to make the ganache extra shiny. Let the Stork Bake melt in the chocolate mixture and stir.Â
  23. Pour the ganache over the cake. Use a spatula to give the edges of the cake an even layer of ganache.Â
  24. Place the 3 raspberries you put aside earlier elegantly on top of the brownie cake and press them gently into the ganache.
  25. Let the ganache cool down and set to a soft chocolate jacket.