Enjoy a Stork Country Escape with these 5 Treats this Easter!


If you’re looking for a peaceful country escape this Easter, Stork has you covered! Whether you’re a baking enthusiast or just love a delicious treat, these five recipes will satisfy your cravings. With Stork’s quality baking ingredients and Stork Baking Margarine, you can whip up some delightful treats that will give you a taste of the country!

Baking Ingredients for your Easter Baking

To kick off your easter baking you will need some baking ingredients. Stork has everything you need to make creamy, delicious and mouthwatering treats! Try making those scrumptious country-inspired treats this easter using Stork Baking Margarine.

Stork’s baking margarine for Richer, Fluffier Bakes

Stork’s baking margarine is the perfect ingredient for richer and fluffier bakes. Its unique blend of butter and vegetable oils perfectly balances flavour and texture. So, whether you’re making koeksisters or scones, Stork baking margarine will elevate your baking game.

Delicious Koeksisters for Easter

Koeksisters are a classic South African sweet treat that is perfect for Easter. Using Stork baking margarine you can make a range of Koeksister treats, from traditional Koeksisters to Koeksister Ice Cream cones, we have it all! Bring a real #TasteOfTheCountry with Stork’s Koeksisters.

A Tart Recipe to Impress Your Guests

To impress your guests this Easter, why not try baking some tarts? Stork’s recipe for a classic Lemon Tart is a perfect choice. With Stork and a few other ingredients, the tart filling will be perfectly creamy and tangy. And with a crispy shortcrust pastry, your guests will be coming back for seconds.

Fluffy Scones for a Perfect Easter Brunch

No Easter brunch is complete without a batch of fluffy scones. With Stork baking margarine , you can make the perfect scones quickly. Serve them warm with some jam and cream for a truly indulgent treat. See our range of delicious country-inspired scone recipes here.