4 Country-Inspired Recipes To Try This Heritage Day


A nation like South Africa, as rich in diversity, calls for quite the celebration, and this Heritage day will be no different. Why, you may wonder? Well, because Stork has put together four country-inspired recipes to kickstart your Heritage day preparations.  

Here are some country-inspired recipe ideas that will make your Heritage day all the more special and diverse.

Wholesome Country-Inspired Recipes

  1. The Oxtail Stew with Pesto-Swirled Dombolo is the stuff Heritage day is made of. Hearty and wholesome, this country-inspired dish is infused with more than one culture and speaks to more than just our tradition. Made with creamy country ingredients and Stork baking margarine, this is one country-inspired recipe you do not want to forego. 
  2. The wholesome and quick Rustic Tomato and Feta Tart is not only delicious but super easy to prepare. This recipe contains healthy and wholesome ingredients such as feta cheese, olive oil, and basil leaves. The rustic tomato and feta tart is one recipe that will leave you with more than enough time to feed and entertain your guests. 

Heritage day without something sweet decking the table is somewhat incomplete. As diverse as we are as a nation, we sure do love ourselves a sweet treat or two. 

Sweet-Tooth Country-Inspired Recipes

  1. Who doesn’t love themselves a delicious Apple Crumble treat on a celebratory Heritage day? Made from a delightful array of healthy condiments such as pecan nuts, raisins, cinnamon, brown sugar, and lemon juice, the apple crumble recipe brings together flavours and textures much like Heritage day brings together people from different cultures. 
  2. The Gooseberry Cheesecake recipe is not only an excellent choice for Heritage day, but it also compliments the season of Spring with its vibrant colour and chilled serving method. Quick and easy to prepare, tasty ingredients, and baking street cred. We say that is a definite win for everyone involved unless, of course, it’s all gone before you get a taster.  

Stork margarine products can be used in many ways for either baking, spreading, or cooking. The Stork Butter Spread is perfectly creamy and goes well with bread and croissants, while the Stork Country Spread is a trusted staple and is a staple in any South African household.

Happy Heritage day from Stork, and remember, all you need is love and the creamy goodness of Stork margarine!